Roof treatment


Dont let your roof get into a terrible state - it will drastically reduce its value and cause costly repairs.

Moss and lichen can badly damage roof surfaces exposing unpainted surfaces causing rust, leaks and lifting tiles.

Our Moss and lichen treatment is a spray on - leave on treatment, this kills the growths on contact so stops damage immediately,and then the weather does the rest, the rain and wind will remover the growths over a few months.

Roof Clean

Roof cleaning is another big service we provide. Yearly roof maintenance will make your roof last years longer and will stop costly roof leaks and roof damage.

This service will usually require an obligation free - onsite inspection to ensure our team can provide the best service and advise for you.

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    Commercial Cleaning

    Pro wash have extensive experience with cleaning on a large scale. We have experience cleaning warehouses and schools as well as apartments and shopping complexes.

  • Deck Cleaning

  • ICO-Home

    House washing

    Our chemical soft washing process guarantees the best possible clean with no risk of harm to your exterior surfaces. We have the expert knowledge and top quality equipment for best results at competitive prices.

  • Roof treatment

  • Driveway/Path Cleaning

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    Gutter cleaning

    It is very important to keep the roof and gutters of your house in good condition to avoid costly repairs. Over full gutters can cause water damage and can shorten the life of your gutters.

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    Fence Cleaning

    Fence cleaning is an easy way to increase your properties street appeal. No matter if its just because your house proud or if you are trying to sell your place a fence spruce up is a must, also in preparation for painting a pro wash on your fence will save heaps of prep time.